PARCS AC3 cloud data

Participation in German AC3 project making cloud property measurements on board the AWI Polar 6 aircraft in July 2017 based in Svalbard (LaMP).
Olivier Jourdan <>

WP4 :  Study of aerosol and cloud processes impacted by Arctic pollution

Task 4.2:  Characterization of aerosol-cloud processes in a pristine region

Within PARCS- WP4, the LaMP was involved in the ACLOUD-(AC)3 airborne experiment (Arctic Cloud Observation Using airborne measurements in polar Day conditions) part of the German Transregional Collaborative Research Centre (AC)3 (ArctiC Amplification : Climate Relevant Atmospheric and SurfaCe Processes, and Feedback Mechanisms). The general goal of ACLOUD (PI M. Wendish and A. Ehrlich, Univ. Leipzig) was to obtain a comprehensive data set of a diversity of atmospheric parameters that will be used to understand and quantify specific physical processes in Arctic clouds. Two research aircrafts (Polar 5 & Polar 6) were deployed to measure cloud properties, aerosol particles and trace gas concentration as well as energy fluxes in the atmospheric column. 80 flight hours for each aircraft were performed from the 22 May to 28 June 2017 in the vicinity of Longyearbyen/Svalbard Archipelago. These airborne observations were closely coordinated with surface based observations at the AWIPEV station (Ny Ålesund) and on and around the Polarstern ship.

The vertical and horizontal variability of cloud properties such as cloud phase, particle size, total water content and precipitation amount were investigated using in situ measurements and remote sensing observations over different surface conditions (sea ice / land / open water). The LaMP was responsible for the measurements and the in situ characterization of low level cloud microphysical properties using a combination of PIP, CIP and CDP probes. These measurements will complement cloud radiative and aerosol properties observations to study the cloud-aerosol and the cloud-surface interactions in the “European” Arctic.

Link to the ACLOUD experiment :

Participant list (LaMP) : R. Dupuy, C. Gourbeyre, O. Jourdan, D. Leroy, G. Mioche and A. Schwarzenboeck